Texas Frightmare Weekend!

I read on another blog (that I absolutely cannot find so if you know where I’m getting this, please post the link) that a big mistake that author’s make when blogging is that they cater to people in the book business like other authors and agents when they should be blogging for people who are most likely to buy their book.  It’s a good point and is what inspired this post.  In my case that would be fans of the horror genre.

My husband, his mom and two sisters, my friend Jennifer and I went to Texas Frightmare weekend yesterday and had a blast!


This is a convention that holds tons of stars from horror films and television shows.

Click here for the guest list.

I met Mary Lambert! The director of Pet Sematary! She was sooo nice!!


Probably the highlight of everyone’s day was meeting Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead! He was super nice too! The lighter he is holding is a Shane lighter that my friend had him sign!


Afterwards we did the awkward ‘I go in for a handshake and he goes in for a hug and then I go in for a hug and he goes in for a handshake’ dance.  But I ended up with a hug… so yay!

There were also a few horror authors there.

I bought this book:


I would love to be there selling my book some day.

We also met Nick Castle!  Who was Michael Myers in the original Halloween!

This is Jennifer and Nick Castle!


It was really great!  I highly recommend trying to find something like this in your area!  Its really fun when people are like ‘Where do you meet all these people!?!’

We all had a really great time!


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